Water in the Changing Coastal Environment of Delaware

Water security is a serious issue in Delaware and globally. Improving water security is fundamentally about making better decisions, based on clear scientific understanding. This research project brings together people across many disciplines — creating real solutions that will have a positive impact on our state and its citizens.

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Research and our Partners

This multi-institution project aims to assess major threats to Delaware’s water quality and develop viable technological and policy solutions for meeting the challenges imposed by them.

Our Partners

The University of Delaware is a major research university is dedicated to outstanding graduate, undergraduate and professional education.

Delaware State University places a strong emphasis on research, constantly seeking answers to life’s questions.

Del Tech provides professional development opportunities for their faculty; undergrad research internships; STEM learning opportunities for Delaware’s K-12; and help map the STEM pipeline of career opportunities and educational requirements.

Wesley College is committed to helping students participate in undergraduate research both on campus and at other institutions.

Katelynn Fry wins Wesley College 2020 Graduate Student Faculty Award

Katelynn “Katie” Fry, Project WiCCED Communication Intern won the 2020 Wesley College Faculty Graduate Award. She is the first woman to complete the...

Undergraduate Scholars Posters Spring 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a surprising challenge to us all to say the least. However, our talented cohort of DENIN scholars demonstrated a great level of persistence,...

Making Active Learning in Science More Accessible to All Delaware Students

Less than one third of Americans are capable of understanding the scientific issues we see in the news. It’s time to raise our standards of science and ensure these new...

Wesley 2020 Scholars Day WiCCED Posters

Please visit https://my.wesley.edu/ICS/Posters/ to learn more about the exciting research our students have been involved in at Wesley College.    

Water quality solutions to be presented in online CIB STAC meeting

University of Delaware faculty members Holly Michael and Leah Palm-Forster will discuss a collaborative research project called WiCCED (Water in the Changing Coastal Environment of Delaware) at the Center for Inland Bays Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) March 27, 2020.

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Contact Us

(302) 831-4335

221 Academy Street | Harker ISE Lab, Suite 250 | Newark, DE

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Big challenges require ‘WiCCED’ solutions. Our collaborations allow us to take on some of the most challenging problems. Come be a part of something special.

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